Some of the challenges of the luxury industry in the Middle East

By 23 August 2015


One of the main challenges of the luxury industry in the Middle East is taxation. People who invest in luxury products are also people who can afford to go abroad and buy the same products for cheaper. Another challenge is that UAE locals and rich expats view luxury differently. For expats, luxury is about attaining a very well made products from prestige designer houses, whereas luxury for locals is more about the kind of services the designer has to offer them as a brand. The challenge here becomes trying to work with these companies to develop creative ways in allowing luxury to be viewed in a fresh and different kind of light.


NK Luxury Consultancy (NKLC) is a boutique consulting house based in Dubai Design District  dedicated to helping established, international, luxury lifestyle brands create presence in Dubai and GCC. NKLC advises companies on their long term brand strategy, developing near term tactical planning for execution across communications, products, and retail touch points. As part of our ongoing commitment to the industry, NKLC established a  mentorship program dedicated to supporting emerging brands grow from a product into a business. We work with emerging and established fashion and consumer luxury brands, designers, retailers, art associations and luxury associations.

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