How to find the right Production partner

By 3 September 2015


Based on my experience, new brands hire production companies several times a year and try to negotiate every time as if it was the first time. This happened recurrently with emerging brand Dee By Dalia so I decided to offer a solution by highlighting the Objectives to hiring the right company which are to

  • Plan ahead of time and schedule timings for your campaigns
  • Negotiate the right deals with the right company
  • Ensure consistency of the brand identity
  • Build stronger relationships and improve workflow


Below suggested basic deliverables we need to enquire from the studio company ( for both online and offline marketing materials)

  1. Product imagery for Lookbook, press and online ( white background)
  2. Closer imagery of your brand
    1. Fasteners (close-up shot of any buttons, hooks or laces in the cloth)
    2. Material of the fabric (extreme close-up shot to capture fabric detail)
    3. Feel of the fabric (nicely lit environment can take care of this)
    4. Stitch, Seam & Lining (one close-up picture that captures both)
    5. Brand Tag (it can be captured in any of the above shot)
  3. Creative Campaign
  4. Video Campaign
  5. Behind The Scenes Imagery
  6. Behind The Scenes Video
  7. Event Video and Imagery ( depending on what your marketing plan includes but this is something that could be included)

Note that number of times per year is something you need to discuss based on number of collections you produce per year, and budget you have allocated for this

Let us know if you need any assistance in finding the right agencies,  helping you negotiate the right deals and build your marketing plan for 2016 ahead of time


NK Luxury Consultancy (NKLC) is a boutique consulting house based in Dubai Design District  dedicated to helping established, international, luxury lifestyle brands create presence in Dubai and GCC. NKLC advises companies on their long term brand strategy, developing near term tactical planning for execution across communications, products, and retail touch points. As part of our ongoing commitment to the industry, NKLC established a  mentorship program dedicated to supporting emerging brands grow from a product into a business. We work with emerging and established fashion and consumer luxury brands, designers, retailers, art associations and luxury associations.

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