How important is it for designers to create an identity

By 12 September 2015


Branding is the feeling people have about you.

One of the first requests I ask a potential new client is, “give me three words to describe your brand.” Most can’t answer this question.  Those who can, have to think about it before answering and their answers are always the same: chic, effortless, sophisticated, or some variation of these. I’m not denying these brands their functional attributes, or comfort level of specific fabrics, but these words don’t tell me about the brand.

I have found one of the most crucial elements necessary at the beginning of a new business venture that often goes overlooked or in some cases completely unheard of, is branding.

To some, this concept may seem redundant; doesn’t simply having a brand fulfill the branding? The answer is no. A brand identity is the entire experience of your brand, not just the visuals, but rather its core, its foundation, integrity and values. There are obvious visual elements pulling a brand together, the web design, logo, packaging, and font that are undoubtedly important features do define a brand in certain ways, but really…

 If you’re thinking about how to rebrand your business, its products or services, or if you want to assess where your brand stands at present, there are a few key aspects you should consider:

  • The big idea – what lies at the heart of your company?
  • Values – what do you believe in?
  • Vision – where are you going?
  • Personality – how do you want to come across?

If you can start to answer these questions with clarity and consistency then you have the basis for developing a strong brand.   NK Luxury Consultancy (NKLC) is a boutique consulting house based in Dubai Design District  dedicated to helping established, international, luxury lifestyle brands create presence in Dubai and GCC. NKLC advises companies on their long term brand strategy, developing near term tactical planning for execution across communications, products, and retail touch points. As part of our ongoing commitment to the industry, NKLC established a  mentorship program dedicated to supporting emerging brands grow from a product into a business. We work with emerging and established fashion and consumer luxury brands, designers, retailers, art associations and luxury associations.   To connect with Narimane Kurdi, Managing Director  

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