Gearing Up For a Trade Show

By 16 January 2017


This week, I’d like to share a few key points on gearing up for fashion week presentations and related shows. So, here we go.Here are some key things emerging designers need to do ahead of a trade show

  • Make sure you have the brand, marketing collateral ready and sorted a few days prior to the show – brochures, business cards, line-sheets, press kits.
  • Pitches – make sure you have a well-thought out pitch for buyers, customers, media. Practice your pitch and train your support team.
  • Use social media to talk about the upcoming event, share the kiosk number or location.
  • Make a wish-list of buyers/stockists: Try and connect with them before the event, once you know they are attending the event. Don’t forget to ask for business cards. Make sure you have a book for visitors to jot down their contact details, should they wish to.
  • Clarity – You need to have a clear idea in your mind on what you hope to achieve and what you’d be showing at the event. Orders flow in if you’ve been around for a few seasons, so don’t be majorly disappointed if during the first show, you don’t get too many orders. It will happen in due course of time.
  • Goals – Set yourself a few measurable goals such as finding new stockists, securing re-orders from of a personal-butler, made available around-the-clock.

I hope my insights have been helpful. I would love to hear from you. In my next post, I shall discuss the pre-trade show essentials. If you are an emerging designer/brand and have any queries, please feel free to mail me at with your questions. NK Luxury Consultancy (NKLC) is a boutique consulting house based in Dubai Design District  dedicated to helping established, international, luxury lifestyle brands create presence in Dubai and GCC. NKLC advises companies on their long term brand strategy, developing near term tactical planning for execution across communications, products, and retail touch points. As part of our ongoing commitment to the industry, NKLC established a  mentorship program dedicated to supporting emerging brands grow from a product into a business. We work with emerging and established fashion and consumer luxury brands, designers, retailers, art associations and luxury associations. To connect with Narimane Kurdi, Managing Director 

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