Curating the Art Exhibition ” Wheel of Life” Joëlle A. Kurdy

By 30 June 2016

Joëlle Acoury Kurdy, exhibited a series of paintings titled ‘Wheel Of Life’ at Paris  Sorbonne University Abu
Dhabi in the presence of His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh this June 2016
After moving to Abu Dhabi in 1976 and establishing thefirst Luxury Beauty Centre’s, Kurdy honed her passion for make up through bringing wellness to the Arab woman’ beauty, mind, body and soul. After perfecting the art of using the face as a canvas for artistic expression, Joëlle A. Kurdy began transcending make up artistry and swapping the face for a cotton canvas, experimenting with silk painting, charcoal drawing, utilizing both acrylic and ceramics, water and oil.

Established in 2006, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
continues a remarkable heritage of Academic excellence
which has been nurtured since the 12th century, striving for
the pursuit of perfection which has made the original
institute in Paris one of the world’s most prestigious
beacons of enlightenment.

So, what exactly makes for a good curator?

I’d say a mix of qualities: intelligence, knowledge, passion, curiosity and hard work. It is also important to be an inspirer as you curate, or put together, an event. The key to the role is being an enabler and an enthusiast, who can also be a good sounding board. I also believe it is important to be a hands-on person who can hit the ground running, when doing a show.

Here are some pointers to organising a high-profile event and nurturing creativity:

  • Offer insight – it is important to possess a key insight into the art market, have a thorough knowledge of the cultures, and organise an entertaining event of very high quality.
  • Aspiring vendors and brand placement – identify  the artist that have the potential for growth, while factoring in brand profile, product development.
  • Study trends – it is important to understand the local scene, recent trends and have well-established ties with international entities, as well as a sound understanding of the international market. This helps set a benchmark not only for the event and exhibitors but also to look at what’s happening around the world.
  • Connect – as a curator, you have to have the know-how and connections to establish relationships and build key partnerships for mentoring programmes. E.g.: The Dubai fashion Council has mentoring programmes; get them on board. Also, try roping in other associations that support emerging brands in Saudi, Qatar and Kuwait. These relationships and partnerships are key to developing the event and chalking out a well-thought out strategy for brand building, marketing, and development.
  • Engage – it is essential to have an engagement with industry experts, influencers and opinion leaders who understand the community of emerging brands and at the same time, can add more value by helping work on creating more footfall, driving more sales, add on more credibility by associating with the event as event ambassadors.

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