A unique approach to luxury brand-building

By 11 August 2015

Iyad Naja


The ‘brand’ must be a Soulmate

The most effective brands capture your attention with their look, win you over with their unique personality, impress you with their heritage and breeding, get under your skin with their magnetism, work their way to your heart with their warmth, and seal your loyalty with theirs. Creating a successful and enduring luxury marque is about forging a deep emotional bond with the consumer. The luxury brand must aim to become a soulmate. When you have a one-to-one relationship, you don’t need to ‘brand’ yourself, you already exist in the mind and hopefully, heart of the other. You are unique to your client and your client is unique to you.

The luxury brand story is more about the artist, his creative universe, his beliefs and values as well as perhaps technique, materials and all the emotional touch-points that the work may evoke. Luxury brands need to recognize that they have to engage with consumers on a more personal, emotional as well as functional level, in order to succeed in today’s marketplace because sooner or later they will move on and leave your brand behind. As with human relationships, you need to build shared experiences with the other, over time. It’s about building stories, not telling stories.

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